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We have a large selection of chicken products available for distribution, from whole chickens to livers and feet. Please browse the options below and feel free to give us a call if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Zabiha By Hand

Whole Chicken Head on

Whole Chicken Head and Feet on

Split Chicken

Chicken Front Halves

Chicken Hind Saddle Together

Chicken Quartered 4 Piece

10 Piece Cut up

9 Piece Cut up

8 Piece Cut up

Whole Bone in Breast Back In

Whole Bone in Breast Back Out

Bone In Breast Split Back In

Bone in Breast Split Back Out

Boneless Skinless Breast/Cutlet

Boneless Skin-On Breast/Cutlet

Boneless Skinless Breast Lobes

Semi-Boneless Skin on Airline Breast

Tenderloin Whole

Quartered Chicken Legs

Whole Chicken Leg Bone in Skin on

Boneless Skinless Whole Leg Meat

Boneless Skin-On Whole Leg Meat

Bone In Thigh Skin on Backbone Out

Bone in Thigh Skin on Backbone In

Boneless Skinless Thigh Meat

Boneless Skin On Thigh Meat

Whole Drumstick Skin on

Whole Wings

Cut Wing (Party Wing)

Chicken Necks

Chicken Gizzard

Chicken Liver

Chicken Hearts

Chicken Feet

Chicken Bones